10 Years of Versatility + Vision

Bishop Telemark's Revolutionary Gear

Local telemark visionary, Dave Bombard, builds products that are made to be played on. As he joyfully commemorates the 10th anniversary of his brand, he reflects on its remarkable commitment to the world of telemark skiing — a pursuit he aptly describes as “a niche within a niche.”

The company commenced its journey with the launch of their first bindings in 2013, the Bishop 2.0, heralding their expedition into the market with an exclusive product on telemark bindings. Fast forward to the year 2019, the company broadened its product spectrum to create skis designed specifically and exclusively for telemarking, further solidifying its status as a holistic provider of telemark equipment.

Handmade bindings

Photos by Townsend Bessent.

Bishop’s telemark bindings demonstrate remarkable versatility. They are deemed “future-proof” as they were designed to seamlessly accommodate both types of telemark boots on the market: 75 mm and NTN boots. Bombard personally attests to this seamless interchangeability, having skied on a combination of one 75 mm boot and one NTN boot without discerning a noticeable difference.

Telemark bindings are subjected to significant stress and constant movement, and Bishop shows their commitment to durability with an industry leading, unparalleled lifetime guarantee on bindings and a three-year warranty on skis. Further, highlighting their dedication to making gear built to last. Bombard and his brand ensure value by providing a switch kit system, allowing users to transfer bindings onto different skis.

The telemark binding plays a crucial role in a skier’s telemark turn. That’s why these bindings can be adjusted to suit individual skiing styles, prompting a personalized experience. In rejecting the NTN boot norm of a “duck butt,” Bishop’s telemark bindings present a progressive flex, allowing for a gradual and more natural feel during the turn.

Beyond the bindings, Bishop Telemark presents what Bombard calls the: “holy trinity of telemark skis.” These three skis, Gonzo 90, Chedi 100 and Powderhound 115, were engineered with patent-pending “Telem-Arc Technology” and were crafted to endure and fully leverage the distinctive forces of the freeheel telemark turn. The Gonzo 90 is the brand’s all-mountain twin-tip. The Chedi 100 was designed for both resort and backcountry exploring. And the Powderhound 115 is “everything you want [or need] to sniff out those pow stashes.” This year, they joined forces with local artists Shannon Kennedy from Minturn to craft one-of-a-kind art graphics for their skis.

Bombard at the office.

Supporting niche companies like Bishop Telemark becomes crucial for the sustenance of the telemark industry. Investing in this company ensures the continuous development and innovation of telemark equipment.

Bombard presents his philosophy that encompasses the essence of Bishop Telemark. For him, the ultimate goal is to help provide skiers with a flow state, getting them outside and ensuring a seamless connection with the slopes. Whether it’s the San Juan Stick’s modern take on an ancient ski “pole,” or the dedication to designing gear for the flow of a freeheel telemark turn, Bishop Telemark continues to set itself apart as a brand that not only embraces the telemark community but actively contributes to its growth and sustainability.

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