4 Gear Essentials for Adventure Loving Dogs

One of the best parts of having a dog is having a friend to adventure with. If you like to bring your dog everywhere with you — especially outdoors — it’s important they have the right gear to participate and the right gear for recovery. We’re excited to share some of our favorite dog gear with you!

Ruff Land Kennels

dog gear

We all care deeply about the safety of our pets, and the Ruff Land Kennel is a great piece of gear to keep your dog safe on the go. In the case of an emergency or a car accident, your dog won’t become a projectile because she is in a car-safe kennel specifically designed to absorb the impact of a car crash. The kennels feature a one-piece roto-molded construction which means no assembly, no bolts and no seams for potential weak points. These kennels are also extremely easy to clean and can be simply sprayed out with a garden hose! So many dogs go missing because they get loose during a car wreck, so keeping your dog secure can be crucial in their survival.

Our team member Laura’s dog, Fern, is an anxious car rider, but has been crate trained since she was a puppy. When Laura started crating Fern in the car, all her anxiety went away and she was able to ride comfortably — and safely!  $199.99 – $456.99

Ruffwear Flagline Harness

High-quality, reinforced attachment points, a handle to boost your pup in rocky terrain and bright, fun colors to keep your dog visible —– everything you could ask for in a harness. The Flagline Harness from Ruffwear is easily adjustable while simultaneously being secure. With two straps wrapping around the chest and torso of the dog, boosting your dog up when hiking in boulder fields is a breeze. Thanks to their sufficient padding and reinforced stitching, you can feel confident lifting your dog with the handle and knowing everyone stays safe.

Ruffwear’s gear comes in bright colorways making your dog easily visible on the trail. This is ideal for anyone who often hikes and recreates in hunting territory. $69.95

Orvis RecoveryZone Couch Dog Bed

dog gear - bed

After a long day on the trails, pups love nothing more than to sink into the haven of comfort and support that is the Orvis RecoveryZone Couch Dog Bed. From stretching out to curling up, all sleep styles are welcome on this plush bed with a three-sided bolster.

The innovative RecoveryZone cushioning features dual foam layers to distribute weight, increase circulation and relieve pressure points, promoting faster recovery for active dogs. The bed’s cover, made of durable and machine-washable fur-masking microweave fabric, not only provides lasting comfort but also contributes to sustainability with its 90% post-consumer recycled polyester composition.

We especially love the personalized touch Orvis offers! Embroider your dog’s name for an additional $20. $298 – $449

Miraflora CBD Dog Chews

After a high activity day or for a dog with joint pain, the 10mg Brain Health and Joint Mobility CBD Dog Chews from Miraflora are a great option to give your dog a little extra comfort and improve mobility. Added glucosamine, Ashwagandha root, wild Alaskan salmon and omega 3 provide ultimate nutrition. Made with pure ingredients giving you peace of mind for your furry friend.

Miraflora also makes a +Calm formula for our four-legged friends who can be a bit anxious. They are a great all-natural option for dogs going into high-anxiety settings or who need a little help calming down. The +Calm formula is made with calming adaptogens, chamomile and GABA as well as the high-quality Miraflora CBD and all natural ingredients. Both formulas are certified USDA Organic and non-GMO. $30