About The Cover with Townsend Bessent

The COMMUNITY Issue - Winter+Spring 2021-22

For the inaugural issue of Covered Bridge, we had to give a nod to our namesake. This unique photo of the Covered Bridge in Vail Village, captured by local photographer Townsend Bessent, highlights the vibrant and active nature of the Vail Valley.

Photo courtesy of Townsend Bessent

“The cover image is a composite of several long exposure images of skiers walking across the Covered Bridge in Vail Village,” shares Bessent. “Each image was roughly a second and a half in order to create motion, accentuate color and remove focus on any individual person.”

Bessent also shot a more traditional, side image of the Covered Bridge (pictured on this page). This image was taken from Gore Creek around midnight. Bessent says a 15-second exposure allowed the water to blur and smooth while accentuating the current lighting display’s color that was on the bridge and its surroundings.

Here at Covered Bridge, we’re dedicated to bringing something new to the valley. The more traditional photo would have made a beautiful cover, yet we believe the image Bessent captured for this inaugural issue is more of a catalyst for conversation; therefore more aligned with what we hope to bring our readers in every issue of the magazine.

Bessent grew up in Louisiana, but he says his heart has always been in the mountains. He has called the Vail Valley home for the past 13 years, working as a full-time freelance photographer.

“I spend around half the year shooting for various companies globally while picking away at passion projects like recording oral histories of the elderly and large scale prints of natural patterns,” shares Bessent. “Photography has introduced me to people, places and experiences that have shaped who I am as a human. I feel super fortunate to be able to dedicate my life to documenting this planet and the people that call it home.”