Abundance Through Acupuncture

Nurture Fullness in Your Mind + Body

The term “abundance” typically evokes thoughts of quantity, suggesting a significant amount of something. However, it is worth considering that, in order for individuals to experience a state where nothing is absent, they may need to embrace less quantity and more quality time … with themselves.

Acupuncture fosters this self-discovery — providing a space for us to feel replenished and refreshed. Acupuncture is a traditional form of
Chinese medicine, originally used to treat pain. Now, the practice is being used for wellness disciplines, including stress management, digestion regulation, hormone health, fertility enhancement, allergy aid, muscle relaxation, pain relief, immunity support and more. An acupuncturist strategically places slender needles into the individual’s body to stimulate the flow of Qi, the bioelectric energy of the body.


Photos by Susi Thurman:New Roots Photography

The Qi flows through meridians, or channels, just as water flows through a river. Each meridian corresponds to an internal organ and heals the body by stimulating points along the channels. Meridian knowledge allows acupuncturists to position needles to effectively address individual needs.

Here are three local acupuncture clinics that can help you foster more abundant wellness:


Michele LaVire is the mind, eyes and hands behind this functional wellness approach. The acupuncturist, herbalist and Pilates instructor currently treats clients at Revolution Power Yoga in Avon and Alpenglow Holistic Healing in Eagle. She says her practice is unique because no two treatments are alike. She specializes in women’s health and fertility, back pain relief, skin care and reverse aging. Along with conventional acupuncture, LaVire also provides cosmetic acupuncture and microneedling, driven by her commitment to help her clients find confidence in their own skin and lives.

This wellness warrior loves how acupuncture can regulate the nervous system, bringing the body out of fight or flight and into rest and digest.

“The body [in acupuncture treatment] is in a state where it can heal itself as opposed to taking something out of the body or putting something foreign in,” LaVire explains. “The body is its own ecosystem, and when you give it what it needs to balance, it heals.”


Vail Valley Wellness, located in Avon, offers a layered approach to healthcare. Dr. Becky Burgess, doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, says her clinic is designed to combine multiple modalities.

Patients begin by meeting with Dr. Burgess to discuss their health history, symptoms and treatment goals. Beyond acupuncture, treatment plans involve herbal medicine, detox and oxygen therapies, red light therapy and bioenergetic healing. Patients get to work with many
esteemed members of Dr. Burgess’ team to ensure personal results.

This is no ordinary doctor’s visit; it is infused with spa-like elements. Expect amenities, such as complementary loose-leaf tea, infrared heat lamps, luxurious ergonomic massage tables with heated PEMF rainbow crystal mats on top, eye masks and a warm, weighted
abdominal compress.

Dr. Burgess strives to reduce stress, improve sleep and stimulate the body’s natural healing responses.

“When I insert this tiny needle into your body, it sends a signal to the brain that you have been attacked,” Dr. Burgess details. “The brain responds by sending white blood cells and fibroblasts to the area of injury. These troops promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation and help speed up recovery of this area, allowing you to reap the benefits.”


This Edwards one-stop-shop is for athletes and chronic pain suffers. All Mountain Sports Acupuncture has a dedicated focus on sports medicine acupuncture, combining contemporary understandings of anatomy with ancient Chinese medicine.

Integrating various techniques alongside meridian-based treatments, acupuncturists John Howell and Marty Tarantino utilize dry needling as part of their approach. According to Howell, dry needling involves “the insertion of fine needles into trigger points or tight knots in muscles, releasing tension and alleviating pain.” This method proves particularly effective for addressing sports-related injuries and muscular concerns, enhancing muscle functionality and reducing discomfort. In addition to dry needling, Howell and Tarantino provide services such as cupping, electrostimulation, soft tissue massage, Kinesio taping, infrared therapy, stretching, herbal formulas and skincare treatments.

In light of these offerings, it’s essential to adequately prepare your body for physical activities. Howell highlights the significance of receiving treatment before engaging in demanding mountain sports seasons, establishing a robust foundation to build upon while minimizing the risk of potential injuries. This approach not only facilitates peak performance but also enables enthusiasts to relish their passions throughout the season.

“Acupuncture masterfully embodies [the] concept of free flow — a limitless, harmonious state of abundance — by restoring the body to its innate free flow state,” Howell explains.