Celebrate Okt“sober”fest with 4 Alcohol-Free Options

In the autumn of 1810, a legendary beer and folk festival was born in Munich, Germany during the wedding festivities of King Louis I and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. This joyous occasion has transcended both continents and centuries to become the iconic Oktoberfest we know today — a day of revelry that whisks you away to the heart of traditional Bavarian culture. However, not everyone enjoys partaking in libations as freely as the wedding guests did back in 1810. Here’s three ways to enjoy alcohol-free drinks amidst the annual Oktoberfest events in the Vail Valley and around the world. Prost to the season without the need for alcohol!

Athletic Brewing Company

With this non-alcoholic beer, you can taste classic authentic flavors without the risk of a hangover. The brews are crafted with a proprietary process that grants you just as much zest and tang as an alcoholic option.

For a limited time, the brand is re-launching the loved Oktoberfest brew for the fifth year. Each sip highlights a timeless malt foundation, enticing bready fragrances and a semi-sweet body. The refreshing golden hue is inspired by traditional Bavarian Festbiers and complements the brisk autumn air.

Head to athleticbrewing.com to get your beverages delivered directly to your doorstep or stop by your local liquor store.

Free Spirit

In the heart of the Riverwalk at Edwards, you’ll find this upscale non-alcoholic boutique, boasting an extensive array of spirits, beverages and distinctive retail offerings. Free Spirit was meticulously crafted to serve as a hub for both locals and tourists, fostering connections without the focus on alcohol. Behind this establishment are Kathy and Kate Manley, a dynamic mother-daughter duo.

Try Grüvi non-alcoholic beers, hand-picked by the Manleys themselves. The Grüvi Juicy IPA bursts with fruity flavors, primarily dominated by pineapple. It strikes a harmonious balance with citrus undertones and a subtle fig essence. A moderate level of bitterness adds depth to this zesty sipper. Notably, this IPA is less filtered compared to our other offerings, resulting in a slightly cloudy appearance. For a classic American lager refresher, pick up the Grüvi Golden Lager. It is light, crisp and crushable for balanced bitterness and hints of citrus. This larger is gluten-reduced with less than 10ppm.

Cocktail Caravan

cocktail caravan

Photo courtesy of Cocktail Caravan

Whether you’re looking to wash down your lager with a sweet accompaniment or prefer to indulge in mocktails throughout the day, Cocktail Caravan’s mixers offer the ideal solution. This boutique beverage catering company, situated in the heart of Boulder, prides itself on its artisanal approach with skilled bartenders crafting mixers using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients. You can pair your chosen mixer with sparkling water for a crisp, effervescent refreshment, or you can opt for a non-alcoholic spirit to create a sophisticated mocktail experience.

What sets Cocktail Caravan apart is its commitment to seasonal variety. The menu continually evolves to incorporate the best ingredients available at any given time. Expect delightful concoctions like Rhubarb’s Return, featuring a harmonious blend of rhubarb, strawberry and cardamom, or savor the unique flavors of Hotchkiss Thistle, which combines blackberry, thyme and lemon in a refreshing and tantalizing mix.

Serving not just Boulder but the entire state of Colorado, they bring their unique blend of creativity and flavor to every corner of the region. Pick up your mocktails at your convenience at their Boulder location or hire Cocktail Caravan for catering services, making it the perfect choice for any event.

Lost Identity Beverage Co.

And in the interest of supporting locals and tapping into history, try this gluten-free and vegan non-alcoholic tonic option. Lost Identity Beverage Co. founders Ryan Souto and Nate Michlitsch are using natural, whole ingredients to respect and formulate a similar tonic to the ones introduced by sailors and explorers in the 1700s: “Drinks once lost, now you’ve found.”

The Vail-based company make their tonics with shrubs to preserve the fruit’s freshness and provide a delightful tangy touch. Shrubs are conceived by steeping fruit, whether it be roots, herbs or vegetables, with vinegar and sugar. While similar to kombucha tea, their tonics are not fermented and do not have life cultures.

Choose between the decorative bottles or cans of their Citrus Tonic, Floral Tonic or Ginger Lime at Root & Flower, Two Arrows, Slope Room, The Rose, Grouse Mountain Grill, Hovey & Harrison, Drunken Goat, Mountain Fish House and Wild Sage. 

Pick it up at Grappa, Avon Liquors, Village Market, Riverwalk Liquors, Boone’s and Eagle River Liquors.