Cocktail Recipe: Figgie Smalls

Created by Luke Proffitt, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage at Revel Lounge in The Hythe Vail

Luke Proffitt

Luke Proffitt grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and developed a love for food and beverage from a young age due to his southern roots. His love for the
outdoors has taken him to Montana, New Mexico and now Colorado. He has a passion for having a great day on the mountain and an equally great après experience, enjoying cocktails and good food with people he loves.

Proffitt’s philosophy on cocktail making is one born of a love for comfort and haven, a reason why he has made The Hythe his home. Cocktails do not need to be over complicated but should always satisfy the mood that has drawn us to them. Every drink has its own purpose, its own day to be called. No matter which season you are in, there is a drink for you.

This drink was inspired by our combined love of epicurean experiences and our philosophy of ‘après all day,’” Proffitt adds, “blending both passions into a single presentation.”

Photo by Tom Cohen.

Figgie Smalls


  • 2 oz fig-infused gin
  • ¾ oz strawberry syrup
  • ½ oz lemon juice
  • Spoonful balsamic glaze


  1. “We do a rapid infusion of gray whale gin with dried figs using the pressure generated by a nitrous charger. This gives a four-day infusion in just four minutes.”