Connie + Anthony Mazza

Live Like a Local

“The best part about living in the Vail Valley is the abundance of activities that make you feel alive and truly in the flow of the present moment,” Connie Mazza says. “Whether we’re hiking up mountains or floating down rivers or working in our restaurants alongside like-minded individuals, there’s always an opportunity to make strong connections and to be your most authentic self.”

Connie and Anthony Mazza started Village Bagel — known for its fresh, hand-rolled bagels made the old-fashioned way — out of their Vail Valley home. Six years later, the thriving brick-and-mortar shop has become an Edwards staple for its authentic New York-style bagels.

Anthony Mazza moved to Vail over 20 years ago from Pittsburgh. He is a chef, restaurateur, professional fly-fishing guide, snowmobile enthusiast and father of two. Connie Mazza moved to Colorado 16 years ago from New York. She has worked in restaurants all her life and is passionate about old fashioned food traditions and mountain town hospitality.

The thriving duo recently acquired the Minturn Saloon last December and had their first child together in July. Plus, they plan to open a second Village Bagel location in Gypsum in 2023. And, they do it all in the name of community.

“The friends we’ve made in this town are our family now,” Anthony Mazza shares. “Even our employees and customers make lasting impressions in our lives and have helped teach us the importance of being earnest. We treat every introduction as an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. It’s in these ordinary moments of connection that we can lift one another up and discover commonalities otherwise unseen.”

The Mazzas describe their fulfilling life in the Valley as one with depth, overflowing with happy memories and loving relationships.

“When I think of the word depth, I think of showing up in the most genuine and vulnerable way for myself, my friends, employees and the community. Each new day is an opportunity to strengthen bonds, live adventurously and make a positive impact,” Anthony Mazza says.

A day in their life looks something like this: Anthony Mazza wakes up before the sun to get his boat ready and fishing rods rigged up to meet clients somewhere off the beaten path. “I spend the first half of the day submerged in nature, sharing my passion and expertise with those on my boat, opening my world up to strangers in an attempt to make an impact. After a day on the river catching and releasing fish, I head to the bagel shop to check on the team and reset for my second ‘job.’ Next, I’m off to chef privately in a beautiful home up in Mountain Star for my year-round family. I create depth as a chef by cooking with my heart and soul and by using the best ingredients — local whenever possible. After I leave my client’s home, I go home and catch my daughter, Zosia, for story and bath time. On my days off, I like to go on fly fishing with my son, Tucker, or overnight floats/camping trips with my family,” he says.

"When I think of the word depth, I think of showing up in the most genuine and vulnerable way for myself, my friends, employees and the community." ANTHONY MAZZA


For Connie Mazza, days with her daughter begin deliciously slow, as she puts it. “Life has certainly unfolded in great ways since I became a mother to Zosia. We are both in and out of sleep as she nurses. I make my coffee and a nourishing meal. My daughter and I take the dog on the trails behind our home and let her run free. I trot alongside my big four-legged girl and the three of us breathe in the fresh mountain air and feel the dry sun hit our faces. Then, it’s time to check in with our work family, the people running our restaurants and the diligent hands behind each bagel rolled in the Vail Valley. They are the heartbeat of our restaurants and show up each day with the same passion and intention that my husband and I had when we began: make the community happy through good food and warm hospitality.”

She says when they first conceptualized these eateries, she was the first to arrive and last to leave. “Now, I see that Village Bagel was my first baby,” she explains. “It needed me around all the time to grow big and strong. Both at work and at home, I am proud to feel like a mother in her truest form. After checking in with our team and catching up with customers, I take a Pilates class or meet a friend for lunch and a hike. Then, I go home and wind down with my family, always making time to express gratitude for another day in good health and spirits.”

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