Summer Solstice Celebration

Summer Solstice Celebration


June 22, 2024    
8:00 am - 7:30 pm

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Rise and shine! Start your day by joining The Vitality Collective under the morning sun. Embrace the day ahead by contributing to the global mala with 108 sun salutations alongside the The Vitality Collective team in the Eagle town park.

Afterwards, venture to rejuvenate at Building 301 Broadway, where you’ll immerse yourself in a multi-artist sound bath meditation guided by crystal sound bowls and Tibetan gongs, offering grounding, clearing and relaxation.

Take a leisurely break for lunch, giving you the opportunity to explore and discover local vendors within the building. Indulge in acupuncture treatments through VVW (included with ticket purchase).

Returning for the afternoon sessions with renewed energy, engage in Mindful Movement with Jocelyn Lafferiere (The Beldenwitch), Primordial Sound Meditation with Elena Delgado Vazquez and an integration workshop with Michele LaVIre (La Femme Wellness).

As the day winds down, release and invigorate your energy with Buti & beats led by Kirstie Junker and local DJ Matt Cole. The festivities culminate in an ecstatic dance party, allowing you to fully unleash your creative self! This day is crafted to celebrate vitality during the longest days of the year, offering sunshine, healing, movement, community and all things nourishing for the soul.

As an added treat, Inner Light Juice offers discounts to all participants to help nourish you along your journey.

Featured Practitioners & Instructors: Kirstie Junker, Jocelyn Lafferiere (The Beldenwitch), Sofia Chay, Hannah Knauer, Matt Cole, Elena Delgado Vazquez, River Norberg and more of The Vitality Collective Staff (coming soon).

$160 for the all-day adventure.