Find Holistic Health at Bhava Beauty and Wellness

To step into Bhava Beauty and Wellness is to step away from the bustling energy of a busy day. The fresh and welcoming space is bright with pleasant accents of muted rose, plush pillows and playful chandeliers, offering a tone of uplifting softness that’s ideal for a wellness visit.

Owner Madalyn Hethcote’s passion for well-being is the breath of Bhava. She was born and raised in the Vail Valley, and was inspired to open the space to integrate and share many layers of whole-body health. Hethcote is a certified as a holistic esthetician, pro bridal stylist and massage therapist.

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Photos by Whitney Rae Photography

“I knew there are so many people in this valley who really value their health and wellness, just like I do,” says Hethcote. “I wanted to bring this sanctuary to the place that I call home.”

In 2014, Hethcote’s father passed away from cancer, and Hethcote herself was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

“It really set me on a wellness mission,” she shares. “I attended the Denver School of Botanical & Medical Esthetics after struggling with my own skin, it also piqued my interest in holistic care. I wanted to treat the body more than just the face and that’s when I decided to become a massage therapist as well.”

Organic facials, rejuvenating massages, acupuncture and infrared sauna are just a handful of many menu items available at Bhava. Recovery treatments are available as well, including a sport recovery IV and deep tissue massage.

“Time in the infrared sauna helps to decrease muscle soreness, boost antioxidant levels warding off free radical damage and decrease inflammation in the body, boosting recovery times and getting you back doing the things you love,” explains Hethcote. “We are also working on offering comprehensive metabolic testing that would really help back up all the treatments that we offer.”

Bluetooth technology in the sauna means you can connect it to your phone and spend some solo time in there listening to your music or a podcast. I found a 30-minute session in the infrared sauna very rejuvenating, not too warm (it’s different that a super-hot dry sauna) and incredibly relaxing, especially after a full wellness morning of acupuncture with Amanda Parish, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and a deep tissue massage with Hethcote.

Parish talked with me about many layers of wellness in my acupuncture session. I came away with a deeper understanding of what imbalances I can work on recalibrating in my body and whole being.

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“If you’re struggling with anxiety or any chronic health issue acupuncture can almost instantly calm your nervous system and provide long-lasting results,” says Hethcote.

I didn’t try a facial this time, but the offerings for skincare at Bhava are abundant, including hair and scalp treatments. Over 360 non-toxic makeup and skincare products are available for purchase at Bhava if you’re looking for a refresh.

“There aren’t any other spas in the valley that offer everything we do in one place,” says Hethcote. “I truly believe my holistic health and wellness practices have helped me remain cancer-free and I couldn’t be more thankful that I get to share that with the world.”

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