Gear Hub: ICEMULE Jaunt Backpack Cooler

Gear of the Month Review

The ICEMULE Jaunt Backpack Cooler is a sleek and well-designed cooler backpack that complements a range of activities when you want to have a hands-free option for carrying cold beverages and perishable foods.

Icemule backpack cooler

At first glance, the ICEMULE Jaunt looks like a dry bag with straps to make it into a backpack. After more inspection, you will notice the numerous features that make the ICEMULE Jaunt a great option for keeping things refreshingly chilled during your adventures or after the action.

The shell is durable and water-resistant, with a small outside zipper pocket to keep koozies and some cutlery. The roll-top design makes packing and unpacking the cooler quick and easy.

For our first adventure with the ICEMULE Jaunt 9-liter (it also comes in 15-liter and 20-liter capacities), we used it as a post-mountain bike cooler to share some beverages and pickles with our riding compadres. It was loaded with at least eight beverages, a jar of pickles and a frozen quart container to keep things cool. Of course, I had to see how the pack handled and took a lap on the local pump track before joining my friends in the picnic area.

Group of mountain bikers taking a break with the Jaunt ICEMULE sitting on a picnic table.

I do not recommend trying to jump your bike with a full pack of any kind. However, to my surprise, the durable and comfortable back pad and shoulder straps held up to the challenge. The waist strap kept the Icemule close to my body and the beverages less shaken up. The valve on the cooler makes it easy to add air to increase insulation while giving the pack more structure. I have no doubt that the ICEMULE Jaunt will be on many adventures with us.

The 9-liter ICEMULE Jaunt Backpack Cooler is $89.95 and can be ordered directly through ICEMULE or purchased through your favorite local retailer.