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The words “durable” and “sunglasses” don’t often go together, but Ombraz is changing the way you can adventure with shades. I’ve taken these Ombraz Armless Sunglasses all over Colorado and on a European ski trip in Zermatt, Switzerland, and I continue to be impressed at their versatile utility. I have the Dolomite style, and I love how the timeless circular frames hold smudge and scratch-resistant lenses, all held in front of the eyes with adjustable nylon chord instead of rigid arms.

Each Ombraz case is an almost flat sleeve that can be slid into any pants pocket, purse sleeve or backpack nook. The case has a built-in cloth to polish the lenses as needed, so really everything about these sunglasses aligns with travel and adventure. There really is no better option for après-ski or après-anything!

While many traditional sunglasses feel like a liability to drop or crush, the minimalist design in every Ombraz style makes sense for anyone who wants shades with them always and without fuss. The cord that you tighten to secure the sunglasses in place also keeps them hanging around your neck when they’re off your eyes, so the risk of losing or dropping them is significantly reduced.

I recall being skeptical about these sunglasses, but I’m now a forever fan of Ombraz. Give them a try and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

Choose from a wide range of Ombraz styles and lens options, all $160 per pair. Shop at

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