GoPro Mountain Games 2024 Day 4: Use These 5 Recovery Tools on Your Post-Mountain Games Journey

This weekend, athletes and spectators alike celebrated our mountain haven. Around every corner, whether that be a trail bend or in the town center, people gathered — sharing stories and cheering each other on while exploring every inch of the vibrant event on foot.

After such an energetic weekend, proper recovery is essential for locals to continue enjoying our active lifestyle. I handpicked these brands that were present this year at the GoPro Mountain Games to provide you and your loved ones with tangible tools and resources for effective recovery and rejuvenation.


Optimum Nutrition

Our muscles crave protein. It is the building block that repairs tissue, strengthens our entire being and fuels our active lifestyle. Every scoop of Optimum Nutrition protein powder has 24 grams of protein. Both the Gold Standard 100% Whey and the Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein have naturally occurring amino acids to assist the recovery processes. I promise, your body will thank you for the nourishment.

Brand ambassador and Vail Valley local Chase Schimel said the product helps regenerate different muscles. “I have participated in the GoPro games a few times in the biking events,” he told me. “I took this stuff religiously and it really helps keep me feeling good; and it helps with this healthy outdoor lifestyle that we love living out here.” Schimel emphasized that it is super beneficial to alternate between plant and animal-based protein powders. He explained that the plant-based protein is easier to digest, and the animal-based protein has more naturally occurring vitamins.

Lost Range CBD

This Steamboat Springs based brand is known for their Muscle & Joint Rub. It was formulated to deliver the highest CBD potency to soothe soreness, inflammation, body aches and pains.

Cannabinoid specialist Patrick Cray said, “When you apply [the product] topically, it’s going to bring blood flow to that area.” He encourages you also use the rub proactively, and use it while you are being active, whether that means going on a run, on a bike ride or to the river.


Your time at mountain games may call for some immune support. Not only does DripDrop provide three times more electrolytes than leading sports drinks, but it also has zinc, magnesium and vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals will keep your immune system in check while you are simultaneously replenishing your electrolyte absorption.

Natasha Williams is on the brand’s Colorado marketing team and told me that the formula has half of the sugar and activates two times than water itself. Every purchase generates life-saving donations across the globe to defeat dehydration.


Your brain is the fuel behind your movement. That’s why BounceBack was created with the mission to “strengthen your mind to rebuild your body.” The brand offers a journal, a toolkit and their Injury Recovery App. The journal, designed for 20-week intervals, provides a user-friendly space for reflection. The toolkit is a book filled with useful and uplifting content, perfect for those who prefer to ditch the pen to paper notion. Their app, BounceBack: Injury Recovery, is dedicated to providing injury-specific support, tracking recovery progress and connecting you with a supportive community to help you recover faster.

Psychologist and co-founder Tracy Krueger said, “Your body is part of your identity, especially with a sports career or potential sporting career. That is why we are really hoping to get people back on their feet as quickly as possible and as painless as possible.”

Dragonfly Botanical

Dragonfly Botanical is here to nourish your body naturally. Their products are organic, paraben free, cruelty free, non-GMO and gluten free. Everything is locally made in Conifer, Colorado, about an hour away from the Vail valley.

I tested their best-selling No More Aches Cream. The cooling cream is infused with peppermint and eucalyptus for added circulation benefits. Sales Manager Emily Santillo passionately explains this recovery tool: “It has arnica and other anti-inflammatory herbs, magnesium to help with muscle recovery and CBD to take the pain away.”


The 2024 GoPro Mountain Games pulsed with life and love here in Vail! From celebrating atheletic spirit of all ages, to connecting with people from all over the world to share stories, and learning to flow with the ups and downs of the mountain and life, the energy of the Mountain Games will steep in the valley for months to come. Enjoy the journey!