Let Spring In: Refresh Your Home For The Season

As we shed our cozy knits, replace rich colors and flavors with light and fresh textures, we come to realize the seasons are changing once again. With the arrival of spring comes the traditional idea of spring cleaning — but where do we start? Vacuum the floors, dust the window sills, put away the clunky winter boots and sweep the remaining salt and sand tracked in from winter adventures. What can we do that’s out of the norm to make our space feel crisp, bright and brand new?

The layout and presentation of a home plays a big part in the energy that the space carries. With the help of Danielle Bradley, owner of furniture restoration and property design company Soulful Collections, and Carey “Mattie” Matthews, marketing manager at Christi Reece Real Estate Group, we have put together a variety of tips to refresh your home going into the warmer months. And as so many of us have adopted a work-from-home lifestyle, we made sure to get their thoughts on the best way to spruce up that home workspace to keep you motivated and on-task in this new season.


To allow for a natural flow in the home, consider rearranging furniture by focusing on a central point, whether that’s a wall, fireplace or art installation. Bradley recommends facing sofas and chairs parallel to your focal point to allow for more room to relax and your company to move through the space freely.


As the winter months move away, our days have more light— let’s celebrate it! Matthews emphasizes the importance of letting natural light into your home. We often overlook the simplicity of cleaning the windows and washing away the previous season’s dust and dirt. When it comes to the lighting within your home, make sure your bulbs have a warm color temperature to keep you comfortable, relaxed and looking your best. Yes, overhead lighting has a functional purpose, but it is important to offset it with accent lamps throughout your home.


Bradley makes a great point about using neutral palettes with a combination of two patterns when refreshing your space. By pulling two colors from those patterns it will connect and flow beautifully within a space, creating a coordinated room. Following up with lighter fabrics and rugs can help you visually expand your space without going to the hassle of actually having to knock down a wall. She helps us further with a great example of this: wallpaper, a design piece that has returned in popularity in the last several years. Select a wallpaper that interests you, pulling two colors from the pattern as accents in your space from elements such as pillows, accent rugs or throws.


It is no secret that working from home is the reality for many of us, as is the importance of enjoying that WFH space that Matthews helped us refine. She says that painting your workspace a distinct color can make it feel more intentional and separate from the rest of your home. Adding little accents, such as candles or matching desk accessories, can also make it more inviting for creativity in your work. If your workspace is a common area, consider a visual divider, such as a bookcase or a plant wall. Keeping your workspace organized so that at the end of your day you aren’t continually looking at and stressing about that stack of papers, is key.


Energy is something that both Matthews and Bradley focused on when expanding on their expertise. Bradley reminds us that our space reflects our energy and mood; you want your space to feel comfortable and serene. Allow your space to hold heartfelt possessions and not just “things” you purchase. Work these into the design of your home to make it truly feel like part of you.

The importance of plants came up a few times in our conversations. Undoubtedly, adding greenery to a space truly does add life to it. “By bringing the outdoors in, we get a sense of organic presence and connection with nature,” says Bradley. We may not all be lucky with a green thumb, but thankfully fake plants are looking more and more real every day.

What is more energetic than music? Matthews reminds us of the power that music has to transform a space. Having music on while you cook, play, work and hang out can instantly lift your spirits. Some suggestions to create a relaxed, but fun vibe are jazz masters like John Coltrane, Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughan and Thelonious Monk (to name just a few), or go for more contemporary classics with The Piano Guys, Two Cellos or Pink Martini.

With your arsenal of helpful tips and tricks from our design gurus you now have all the tools in your toolbox to set up your space beautifully for the new season.


Originally published in the Spring 2022 of Covered Bridge’s Sister Publication, Spoke+Blossom.