Live Like a Local:

Marci + Larry Leith

I first got to know Marci and Larry Leith by working as a barista at the new Yeti’s Coffee in Edwards. I enjoyed their optimistic attitudes, caring spirit for all their employees and general buzz on life. Literally, as owners of the three coffee shops in the Valley, one might wonder, is it all the espresso that has them jiving, or are they really that cheerful?

The power couple describes themselves as entrepreneurs within the restaurant industry. Together, they tackle new business ventures, raising a

marcy and larry leith

Photo courtesy of Marcy + Larry Leith.

family and being grateful for their life in the Vail Valley. “We often appreciate how wonderful it is to live where we live,” says Marci Leith. “We have incredible mountains, rivers, forests, the bluest of blue skies, amazing places to eat, unique art, a variety of music and concerts that come to the Valley each year, I could go on and on. You name it, Vail has it,” she says.

Larry Leith first worked in the Valley as a professional athlete in his 20s. He was a mogul skier and managed Gorsuch Ski Shop. During the late 90s, he founded the Tokyo Joe’s restaurant chain, originally based in Denver, with the last of his savings. “When we got married, we knew we wanted to spend time in Vail, so we bought a little place in East Vail about 22 years ago, and that led to us moving up here full time about 10 years ago,” Marci Leith comments.

"Vail turns winter into a series of celebrations, so there is always something to look forward to. I love that about living here. " Marci Leith

The Leiths have four children. The oldest three are enjoying their adventurous lives away from home, while the youngest attends school locally. Together, they enjoy skiing and riding as a family.

Marci Leith believes abundance shows up often through small things that happen daily in our lives. “We can appreciate the little coincidences that make life just a bit easier, like pulling up to the roundabout and being able to easily merge in and out,” she says like a true local.

She also adds that abundance comes in belly laughs with a coworker or customer over something unexpected that turns into something funny and makes your whole day go easier and brighter. “Also, when your kiddo looks over at you in the car and says they love you, or they just reach over and hold your hand. Abundance is being up early and watching the sunrise over the mountain and feeling the first warm rays of the sunshine gently touching your face. Compound these with amazing hikes, biking and incredible blue sky powder days, and life is about as good as it can get,” she believes.

Marci Leith isn’t looking forward to the -15-degree winter days but believes those days make us appreciate all the beautiful days we do have. “Vail turns winter into a series of celebrations, so there is always something to look forward to. I love that about living here,” she adds.