Pam Shifrin Keeps the Vail Valley Moving with Mountain Revival

Massage therapy has kept athlete and beloved local, Pam Shifrin, in the game.

Shifrin’s softball career, and sporting career all together, would have been terminated after she herniated a disc when colliding at home plate at 15 years old. Instead, regular massages helped break down the toxins in her body, allowing her to perform and feel better. After playing at Central Connecticut State University and receiving her business degree, Shifrin knew she was destined to be a team player. So, she went to massage school in Costa Rica to bring others the gift that saved and nourished her.

“When I went into massage, I wanted to work with a team and get to know them and help them,” Shifrin recalls. “I have learned that everyone is an athlete, and everyone is on their own team, even when not wearing a uniform.”

Shifrin has been on the valley’s team for 12 years and has strengthening and restoring locals with her brand Local Revival in Eagle-Vail since 2016. Today, Shifrin has recruited fellow community members and massage therapists to open her newest business: Mountain Revival.

“I really want people to have regular bodywork,” Shifrin shares. “I hope [Mountain Revival] is a place people feel they can get that. I created that with Local Revival, and this space allows more people to have access to it.”

Mountain Revival is located inside Highline Vail — a Doubletree by Hilton on North Frontage Road in West Vail. The new space has four total rooms, allowing more room and time for people to reap Shifrin’s revival remedies. There are options for both 50 and 80-minute massages with the following a la cart enhancements: cupping therapy, hot stone, hydrating face mask, hand and feet masks, aromatherapy and CBD rub.

mountain revival

photos by Laura Mills.

Beginning Friday, June 21, 2024 through October, Mountain Revival will be operating every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. The hours will change and extended come winter. It is easiest to book your session online. Shifrin recommends investing in, arguably, the best deal in town: her buy four, get one free. This deal is perfect for keeping you accountable and enjoying living life while you can.

Shifrin sets an important reminder: it does not have to be a special occasion or luxury to receive regular bodywork and access to self-care. “Massage and stretching elongates and moves toxins [in your body], and then you drink a lot of water to flush them out,” she explains. “Massage is breaking up toxins in our tissues and now those toxins are moving through our system.” Shifrin explains that the more often you get bodywork, the more effective the massage will be because she is then able to break down more built-up layers, rather than working on the same, stagnant layer.

“It is no secret how active this community is,” Shifrin says. “Massage is an easy solution to keep people doing what they are doing. Yes, it is time and money, but so is lunch, and you got to eat.”

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