Restaurant Spotlight: Splendido at the Chateau, Beaver Creek

Colorado gourmands were holding their breath as the Michelin Guide announced its first-ever picks for the state this past September. For anyone who has had the absolute pleasure of dining at Splendido at the Chateau, it was no surprise that this legacy establishment in Beaver Creek was honored as a recommended restaurant in the prestigious guide.

“As a team, we are grateful and honored to be recognized by Michelin Guide,” shares chef Cory Melanson. “Everyone has been working hard, honing skills and points of service over the years, and continues to do so. It feels great to be recognized.”


Photos by Townsend Bessent

From the kitchen to each table, positive energy from the Splendido staff is all-time right now. The food has never been better, and authentic hospitality sets a tone of inviting elegance from the moment of arrival at the Chateau Beaver Creek.

Chef-owner Brian Ackerman says the Michelin honor is a responsibility to keep the culinary bar elevated in Beaver Creek.

“I’m a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all ships,” says Ackerman. “We hope this makes everyone strive to want a little more. We want everyone to crush; we want every restaurant here sold out.”

Chef Scott Ofsanko agrees that the recognition makes everyone want to step it up a little more.

“For me, it’s trying to produce the best food, every single night, whether it’s my dish or Cory’s dish, or the Dover sole that’s been on the menu forever,” Ofsanko says. “I try to cook it the best I can, every single time.”

Beyond top ingredients and undeniable talent making its way from these chef’s hands to plated art, what is delivered night after night at Splendido is a magical combination of quality, consistency and heart.

“I’m proud to be a part of this team,” shares Matthew McConnell, Splendido dining room director. “Collectively we all really work hard for it. We constantly and consciously try to do better, always, and are looking to do things in new, creative ways.”

The Splendido team calls eachother “family,” so it’s no surprise that love and respect comes through for every guest in the dining room.

“Everybody has been here for a long time,” says line cook Wade Thomas, “and it’s cool coming into work and seeing the same faces, and being around people who care. Since I’ve moved out here, Splendido has become my home.”

“I think it’s respect, and love, to me,” adds line cook Juan Contreras. “And I try to do everything perfectly, every time.”

During the December holidays, Splendido is open seven nights a week. After the first of the year, Splendido is open six nights a week, closed on Tuesdays.

17 Chateau Ln., Beaver Creek


Innovative cocktails from bar manager Ian Mackler and sweet finales from pastry chef Kristen Conway perfectly round out a full evening at Splendido. Michelin recommends ordering an “airy soufflé,” and that’s never a bad choice, but Conway’s passion for her work means nothing on the dessert menu will disappoint.

“Everybody just cares so much and just wants to do it the best way every day. I really do love these guys,” Conway says of the Splendido team. “It’s so great to work together. It really is the best.”

Splendido’s menu is inspired by seasonality and local purveyors. While guests get to try the kitchen staff’s more curated offerings, like an incredible lobster coconut soup created by Thomas, or house-aged meats from Melanson, they also can count on staple menu highlights like caviar and raw oysters, rack of lamb and sea bass.

“Gearing up for a busy winter season is always exciting,” says Melanson. “Scotty and I have been taking trips to Hotchkiss to Zimmerman Farm and Osito Farm this fall, harvesting peppers, grapes, apples and other produce pickling and preserving for our winter menus.”

Melanson says they have processed a couple whole pigs to use in different and creative variations across the winter menus as well.

“Continuing to let quality ingredients and culinary creativity shine is at the heart of what we are trying to accomplish here at Splendido,” he adds