Voices of the Vail Valley

What are your thoughts on ELEVATE?


Koen van Renswoude

Co-founder of Hygge Life in Avon

Born and raised just below sea level in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, life for me at 8,100 feet in the Vail Valley is per definition elevated. However, to live an elevated life, I believe the trick is to be able to enjoy every days smaller moments. To sit down for a coffee with a friend, see an eagle flying around, catch sunrise or sunset, see familiar faces at the grocery store or enjoy a home cooked meal, for example. High-highs are wonderful, like summiting a peak or skiing chest deep powder, but its those many smaller moments every day that keep me elevated.”

Scotty Moises

Founder of Crush Pow Mobile Mixology in Vail

Ecstatic is how we all arrive to this community. Love is what happens as we immerse ourselves in our community. Endurance is what we build over the years in our community. Value is what we provide to our community. Acceptance in our community: all races, lifestyles and economic bases. Tough is what we have to be to survive in our community. Everlasting friendships are what we make in our community. This is what elevate means to me in our community. This is why I have lived in this community for over 30 years.”

Claudia P. Hurtado-Myers

Legal services director of Polanco Law and an immigration attorney located in Vail

“As an immigrant child coming to the United States from Colombia for medical treatment and ultimately never being able to return home due to war, I never imagined myself in the beauty that surrounds me every day. At an early age, I learned resilience, and as a young adult, I learned to use it when I found out that I could not have children due to the medical trauma on my body. That changed when I moved to Vail in my early 40s. Four months after moving here, I found out I was pregnant with the most adorable child that would completely change and elevate my status to “mom.” People tell me that there is something in the water, but I credit my miracle baby to the peace that our natural surroundings bring, the joy of the people that live here and the support that this community brings to its residents.”