Voices of the Valley

Thoughts on COMMUNITY

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Jim Cotter
Artist + Gallery Owner of J. Cotter Gallery in Vail

“Having lived in the same area for over 50 years, I’ve seen the area grow and adapt. To me, community means working together. I am here, because we all are here. We share our success by supporting each other, whether it’s business or personal. As an artist, I get to visually communicate these ideas, thoughts and feelings to the community. Our differences make us better, and by banding together we’ve created a stronger community. The number of interests in the Vail Valley is so varied, yet we can all agree that we love the area we live. We are grateful for every day we get to spend here.”



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Meghan Cahill
Community Member + Teacher

“In order to have a strong community, I believe we need compassion and connection. Compassion within our community means that we find common humanity and know that each and every one of us play a fundamental role in making everything work well herein this beautiful valley we live in. I also believe that in order to have a healthy community, we need to feel connected. Whether it be connection to your hobbies, your job, your people, your environment or yourself. Helping others, helping our environment and helping ourselves all play a major role in creating a healthy, happy and productive community. I am incredibly grateful I have been able to serve our community as a local teacher for 10 years. Helping children find their own passions and gratitude with the abundance of beauty that surrounds us might be my most rewarding contribution yet.”



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Christian Alvarez
Founder of FitnessNT in Avon

“When I think about community, the images that come to mind are family, friends and a place/town filled with them. I think of people with things in common that come together to create a place where they can enjoy life to the fullest by supporting each other’s purposes, dreams, passions and desires for the common good. When this happens, we can see how businesses, schools, the arts and entertainment, and places for leisure (parks, trails, etc.) prosper, and we can all enjoy it and take advantage of it. I’m glad to be part of what makes my community better by having a business dedicated to the well-being of my community!”