Live Like a Local: Meet Casey Glowacki

Owner of Drunken Goat and Cut in Edwards

In the morning, Casey Glowacki likes to wake up and walk his dogs along Eagle River in Edwards, Colorado, soaking in the mountain backdrop. Depending on the day, he might drop his two sons off at Battle Mountain High School. But from there, Glowacki splits his day between the two businesses he owns in Vail Valley: Drunken Goat and Cut. Both serve as hubs of connection and community across the valley.

Photos courtesy of Casey Glowacki

While Glowacki is Denver-born, he spent many years living out of state. After several family vacations to Colorado to show off the old stomping grounds to his wife and kids, Glowacki and his family moved to Edwards in January 2019. Over the past three years, he has transformed Edwards Village Boulevard into a hotspot for locals to get their wine, cheese and meats.

I saw the location and the town as an opportunity for me and my family to live our lives to the fullest,” Glowacki says.

Glowacki is a restauranteur to his core, which is why he made Drunken Goat a full-service dining spot built upon the principal of living for the moment.Cut is a butcher shop located right next door, filled with what he likes to call protein for the soul.

As the chef-owner, Glowacki serves as the day saverand helps where needed. Some days hell be cooking soup and running orders, while the next he could be helping with training in the kitchen and reviewing pricing and marketing for the businesses. Whatever the day brings him, Glowacki credits his wife Rachel, local yoga teacher and writer, for being his biggest supporter. Together, they both value the life theyve built in Colorado.

I love the four seasons; I complain about the weather maybe three days a year, theres a lack of traffic and congestion, and theres friendly people and a hard-working atmosphere,he shares. I love the fact that it seems like everyone is here for the same reason — to enjoy life, get outdoors, be healthy and connect with friends.

As the winter and spring seasons take over, Glowacki says he is reminded yet again why he loves what he does.

During the winter Ill bring my snowboard to work and sneak out a few runs when I can to Beaver Creek,he says, adding hes been snowboarding since the age of 12. Weve recently closed on Sundays, which will allow me to get a full day uninterrupted on the mountain with my entire family.

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