Mirabelle Restaurant — Beaver Creek

Restaurant Spotlight

The legacy of Mirabelle Restaurant is now 40 years in the making, as the quaint farmhouse tucked away near the entrance to Beaver Creek just celebrated the four-decade anniversary in 2022.  

Though the French-inspired restaurant was founded in 1982 (in the very early days of Beaver Creek Resort), chef Daniel Joly and his wife, Nathalie, have owned Mirabelle since 1999 and have been operating the restaurant since 1991.  

Snowflakes fall on the farmhouse porch as we walk toward its entrance — illuminated with still light and the ambient welcome of a tall, twinkle-lit pine tree. Mirabelles roof shingles are sheets of white, and I look down to see my boots breaking through the soft powder.  

“Mirabelle is really, in so many ways, a magical place for people,” says chef Joly as he greets us with a broad smile.  

Photos by Townsend Bessent

Chef Joly is Belgian and has brought authentic European charm and hospitality to the Valley season after season. He is always looking to improve upon the experience of Mirabelle and shares how the future of the property may hold a French bakery, maybe even a bed and breakfast, and perhaps working with an eager and talented young chef who can carry on what Mirabelle has so beautifully sustained.  

“I’m not getting any younger,” says Joly, “but to keep Mirabelle for the next 50 years would be something very special.”  

Mirabelle is open after 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  

Closed Sunday. 


55 Village Road, Avon 



Flurries continue to fly as we sit and watch from our cozy window table. We enjoy an exquisite meal, allowing Joly to do what he does best as he creates an unforgettable four-course tasting menu, the “Le Menu Gourmand.” If Joly has Dover Sole on the menu, which he so often does, be sure to delight in this perfect execution of French cuisine, meunière-style, the delicate fish set alongside baby spinach, crispy potato tuilea and lemon brown butter sauce.

Every meal at Mirabelle becomes a sweet memory, especially when you finish the evening with a house-made pastry.  

With so many meals at Mirabelle remembered by so many, it’s wonderful to see Valley locals and guests continue to return year after year.  

“We get to touch so many people’s lives and be a part of the experience of coming to Beaver Creek, to the Vail Valley,” says Joly. “It’s now about giving back to the people who have supported us for so long. And, we have a lot of those people, and we are very lucky for that.”