Recovery Lab in Vail

Pair Your Mountain Play with Wellness

Longtime local wellness professional Kordi Schmidt is no stranger to sports recovery. Schmidt owned and operated Manor Vail Spa for nearly a decade and now she and her husband Harrison Brown have launched another project that has local athletes lining up.

“Recovery Lab has been years in the making,” shares Schmidt. “We were just waiting patiently for a location that made sense for our concept. When the storefront at The Ritz-Carlton Club in Lionshead became available, we took our leap of faith. We have always wanted to create a facility that offers high-end sports recovery treatments for athletes seeking peak performance, those recovering from injury, or for anyone feeling the effects of the high altitude.”

Photo courtesy of Recover Lab

It’s only been in recent years that the general public has had access to this type of equipment. As Schmidt points out, many of the modalities offered at Recovery Lab used to only be available to elite athletes.

“We wanted to be the first in the valley to show how important it is to have facilities like this exist,” she says. “Every person that walks through our door has different recovery needs, and it has been a pleasure to create a personalized treatments for every individual.”

The recovery modalities offered at Recovery Lab include IV rehydration and vitamin supplementation, an oxygen bar, NuCalm acoustic therapy, hyperbaric treatment, muscle contouring, Cryotherapy and Cryo slimming and toning treatments.

“With our medical and professionally trained team we are able to create a custom recovery plan,” explains Schmidt. “Recovery is a big part of mountain play and we are here to help.”

We’ve checked it out ourselves, and the Recovery Lab truly is a great spot to go to help alleviate sore muscles post workout, reduce inflammation and eliminate fatigue. It’s an ideal spot to relax, revive and recover.

Schmidt says they will continue to expand offerings and bring in cutting edge technology from this fast-growing sector of sports performance.

“The Recovery Lab aims to not just cater to the active tourist but to also be available to our valley locals,” says Schmidt. “We are working in partnership with other providers to offer access to high-end recovery modalities, fostering the health and well-being of those who are the foundation of our mountain community.”

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