Thrifty in the Vail Valley

Shop Second-Hand Style at These 4 Stores

Second-hand stores are scattered around the Valley. From gloves and goggles, to leggings and loafers, these shops offer style and supplies to support your alpine way of life. Sustainability efforts are at the heart of these businesses. Investing in an item previously bought by another individual, often with tags still attached, is more sustainable for our planet. Beyond the planet’s physical environment, second-hand stores benefit our very own environment of local family businesses.

Our mountain town would not be what it is today without the community-oriented companies that give our cozy crevasse its camaraderie. Seek out these stores throughout the seasons, especially in these colder months, to sustain the unique charm of our mountain town. Embrace the ethos of recycling and reusing and commitment to preserving our planet while simultaneously strengthening the bonds that make our mountain community a truly special place to call home.

The following four shop options encompass boutique-like finds to mountain essential gear.

Holy Toledo

The consignment boutique is located in Minturn’s century-old church and has been a staple in the community since 2002. Interior of Holy Toledo Boutique

Offering an extensive range of women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, the collection spans from high-end designer pieces to cutting-edge technical sportswear. The store has a global network of 8,000 consignors. This includes Vail and Beaver Creek second homeowners, contributions from boutiques across Vail to Aspen and garments from local residents. To ensure a constant, evolving selection, the new owner, Dana Marek, introduces 150-200 new items daily Monday through Thursday.

“There is no other place like it,” Marek says. “People have fun looking here, looking for treasure.”

Transition Sports

Avon’s sporting good shop selection offers top-tier products, sourced from leading manufacturers. As winter approaches, discover exceptional deals on used skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, snowshoes and winter adventure essentials. In summer, find bikes, camping gear, disc golf discs, golf equipment and climbing gear. The dynamic inventory receives frequent updates, inviting customers to explore the ever-changing selection.

Consignors benefit from a personalized online account, allowing them to track the sales of their items. The gear hub accepts a wide variety of in-season sporting goods. Upon successful sales, consignors receive 70% of the selling price that is put into store credit, or you can receive 60% of the selling price via a check.

Covered Bridge Classifieds

Based out of yours truly’s headquarters in West Vail, our store is both a mega walk-in closet and digital platform. Much like our magazine, our curated selection from us and others effortlessly fuses leisure and adventure. Explore gently worn items sent in for review, some still adorned with tags, alongside gear featured in our roundups, captivating books and local swag. We strive to solely sell high-quality goods that withstand your thrill of adventure and thirst of relaxation. Weekly, we continually add more products to our online inventory, yet what you view represents only a fraction of our extensive in-house collection.

Unlock the opportunity to sell your gear through the Covered Bridge Classified Listings! Simply click here to submit your classified, and we’ll feature your product on our website and newsletters. Opt to retain possession or bring your item to our West Vail office, where you will discover a seamless and convenient experience. Check it all out at

"You see the thrift shop, but what we really do is support the community." Greg Osteen

Vail Valley Cares Thrifty Shop

Turn your donations into dollars at either the Eagle or Edwards location. Browse the new or lightly used clothing, furniture, sports equipment, kitchen and household items, records, CDs, DVDs and more cool collectables. The company recycles as much as possible. If an item cannot be sold, The Thrifty Shop team redirects the items to other organizations.

“The reality is, everything ends up in the landfills, so we try to keep everything in the playing field for as long as possible,” executive director Greg Osteen explains.

Be a part of the giving. Since 2000, The Thrifty Stops have directed their generated revenue toward various non-profit organizations and Colorado Mountain College scholarships. Through grants, scholarships and individual generosity, the community has gained and benefited from over $5.4 million.

As Osteen says, “You see the thrift shop, but what we really do is support the community.”