About the Cover: “Red Shred” by Max Rowe

The ABUNDANCE Issue — Winter + Spring 2023-24

Max Rowe, painting under the moniker of Max Flow Art, is an acrylic painter whose art captures the exhilaration of skiing while embracing the serene focus of being in the moment. When the Covered Bridge editors first came across his vibrant paintings, we knew we found our cover artist.

Artist Max Rowe

Hailing from Denver, Rowe studied studio art at the University of Colorado and is now based in Avon. He describes his canvas as a playground of vibrant colors, brought to life through a playful blend of his illustrative drawing style and the dynamic texture achieved with a palette knife and splatter techniques. “The result is an art form that mirrors the dynamic movement of skiing itself,” Rowe explains.

Rowe’s artwork not only celebrates the joy of skiing but also advocates for sustainability, a cause he says is deeply intertwined with his passion. His pieces resonate with the urgent need to preserve the environment that nurtures the ski culture he loves.

“Having taught skiing for many years in Vail and guiding backcountry skiing in Japan, my art is influenced by a global perspective,” Rowe says. “I infuse my work with a sense of community, inviting viewers to share in the excitement and camaraderie of the ski culture I cherish.”

Tell us about the inspiration behind the cover art.

Covered Bridge cover winter + spring 2023-24

The inspiration for this piece was an amazing photo of Taylor Godber (@taylorgodber), taken by Guy Fattal (@guyfattalphoto). Shots where skiers and snowboarders are coming right at you are always a bit dangerous for the photographer, so this was a skilled shot. Taylor is also in a perfect tucked position to convey she’s coming in with a lot of speed. The title for this piece is “Red Shred.” I liked the contrast of the red jacket against the white snow and blue sky and tried to accentuate that while giving the snow a playful and gestural feel using a palate knife. I usually work from a photograph, and I like how the cycle of inspiration continues to spiral out. Taylor’s actions inspire Guy, who inspires me. I hope my paintings will then inspire others to send it, be it on the slopes or in a studio.

The theme of this issue is “abundance.” As a local artist, what does abundance mean to you?

Abundance to me means having your needs met and exceeded. This comes to me in the form of unconditional love from my wife, Charlotte Lin. That, and 12 inches of fresh snow.

What projects are you currently most excited about?

I’ve recently partnered with the Royal Street Fine Art Gallery in Aspen and am excited to be showing my original work there. I’m interested in continuing the exploration of representing powder and gravity through paint and will be focused on creating new work that captures the peak moments of elation and flow. I like to think about how my work affects people in their homes. My aim is to motivate people to continue their search for a perfect moment and grow appreciation for the ones they’ve had. I want my paintings to contribute inspiration to a community of people who appreciate winter and make efforts to preserve this amazing sport and culture amidst a shrinking winter season due to climate change.