Voices of the Valley

What does "Abundance" mean to you?

We asked three Vail Valley locals what Abundance means to them — here’s what they shared: 


Keith Carrieri
Co-owner of Inner Light Juice

Abundance, for me, is the natural flow of life and stems from being content and present. A manifestation of an endless stream that can be tapped into at any given moment. Not an accumulation of wealth or possessions but the contentment with what has come and what is on the way. Centering in gratitude allows abundance to flow in all areas of my life. Being in the abundant mindset allows the flow to come naturally and uninterrupted, guiding me to practice patience and gather a deeper understanding that I am always taken care of and never need more but only desire.”




pam shifrin

Pam Shifrin
Owner of Local Revival + founder of Runs For ALS

“I believe abundance is a truly special word. Society, as a whole, does not overuse it, which only brings more power and truth to its meaning. It could be seen as a large quantity of something, but I think it’s so much more than that. To be complete. To have more than you need. Nothing can diminish its value. These are such strong statements that we strive for in our lives. Maybe it is to live in an abundant state, in which whatever we do have is all that we need. That is what we focus on and not the scarcity of what we think we lack.”




kyle forte

Kyle Forte
Owner of Vail Yeti

“The literal definition of abundance is ‘a very large quantity of something.’ This definition is something that only touches the tip of the iceberg of being a local business owner in the Vail Valley. The abundance of incredible experiences, people, impact created or friendships that you experience living here is unmatched by any other place I have ever lived. I believe that we all seek abundance in life, and when you live, work and play in a place with so much abundance around you, the opportunities are endless. The old saying that ‘you become your surroundings’ really is true, and because of our community in the Vail Valley, we all have an abundance of opportunities to thrive together.”